And the men
'enowsh  (en-oshe')
a mortal; hence, a man in general (singly or collectively)English versions, especially when used in apposition with another word.
of the city
`iyr  (eer)
or (in the plural) par {awr}; or ayar (Judges 10:4) {aw-yar'}; a city (a place guarded by waking or a watch) in the widest sense (even of a mere encampment or post) -- Ai (from margin), city, court (from margin), town.
'amar  (aw-mar')
to say (used with great latitude)
unto him on the seventh
shbiy`iy  (sheb-ee-ee')
seventh -- seventh (time).
yowm  (yome)
a day (as the warm hours),
before the sun
cherec  (kheh'-res)
from an unused root meaning to scrape; the itch; also the sun -- itch, sun.
went down
bow'  (bo)
to go or come (in a wide variety of applications)
What is sweeter
mathowq  (maw-thoke')
sweet -- sweet(-er, -ness).
than honey
dbash  (deb-ash')
honey (from its stickiness); by analogy, syrup -- honey(-comb).
and what is stronger
`az  (az)
strong, vehement, harsh -- fierce, + greedy, mighty, power, roughly, strong.
than a lion
'ariy  (ar-ee')
a lion -- (young) lion, + pierce (from the margin).
And he said
'amar  (aw-mar')
to say (used with great latitude)
unto them If
luwle'  (loo-lay')
if not -- except, had not, if (...not), unless, were it not that.
ye had not plowed
charash  (khaw-rash')
to scratch, i.e. (by implication) to engrave, plough; hence (from the use of tools) to fabricate (of any material)
with my heifer
`eglah  (eg-law')
a (female) calf, especially one nearly grown (i.e. a heifer) -- calf, cow, heifer.
ye had not found out
matsa'  (maw-tsaw')
to come forth to, i.e. appear or exist; transitively, to attain, i.e. find or acquire; figuratively, to occur, meet or be present
my riddle
chiydah  (khee-daw')
a puzzle, hence, a trick, conundrum, sententious maxim -- dark saying (sentence, speech), hard question, proverb, riddle.;