And Jehiel
Ychiy'el  (yekh-ee-ale')
God will live; Jechiel (or Jechavel), the name of eight Israelites -- Jehiel.
and Azaziah
`Azazyahuw  (az-az-yaw'-hoo)
Jah has strengthened; Azazjah, the name of three Israelites -- Azaziah.
and Nahath
Nachath  (nakh'-ath)
quiet; Nachath, the name of an Edomite and of two Israelites -- Nahath.
and Asahel
`Asah'el  (as-aw-ale')
God has made; Asahel, the name of four Israelites -- Asahel.
and Jerimoth
Yriymowth  (yer-ee-mohth')
elevations; Jerimoth or Jeremoth, the name of twelve Israelites -- Jermoth, Jerimoth, and Ramoth (from the margin).
and Jozabad
Yowzabad  (yo-zaw-bawd')
Jozabad, the name of ten Israelites -- Josabad, Jozabad.
and Eliel
'Eliy'el  (el-ee-ale')
God of (his) God; Eliel, the name of nine Israelites -- Eliel.
and Ismachiah
Yicmakyahuw,  (yis-mak-yaw-hoo')
Jah will sustain; Jismakjah, an Israelite -- Ismachiah.
and Mahath
Machath  (makh'-ath)
erasure; Machath, the name of two Israelites -- Mahath.
and Benaiah
Bnayah  (ben-aw-yaw')
Jah has built; Benajah, the name of twelve Israelites -- Benaiah.
were overseers
paqiyd  (paw-keed')
a superintendent (civil, military or religious) -- which had the charge, governor, office, overseer, (that) was set.
under the hand
yad  (yawd)
a hand (the open one (indicating power, means, direction, etc.),
of Cononiah
Kownanyahuw  (ko-nan-yaw'-hoo)
Jah has sustained; Conanjah, the name of two Israelites -- Conaniah, Cononiah.
and Shimei
Shim`iy  (shim-ee')
famous; Shimi, the name of twenty Israelites -- Shimeah (from the margin), Shimei, Shimhi, Shimi.
his brother
'ach  (awkh)
a brother (used in the widest sense of literal relationship and metaphorical affinity or resemblance (like 1) -- another, brother(-ly); kindred, like, other.
at the commandment
miphqad  (mif-kawd')
an appointment, i.e. mandate; concretely, a designated spot; specifically, a census -- appointed place, commandment, number.
of Hezekiah
Ychizqiyah  (yekh-iz-kee-yaw')
strengthened of Jah; Jechizkijah, the name of five Israelites -- Hezekiah, Jehizkiah.
the king
melek  (meh'-lek)
a king -- king, royal.
and Azariah
`Azaryah  (az-ar-yaw')
Jah has helped; Azarjah, the name of nineteen Israelites -- Azariah.
the ruler
nagiyd  (naw-gheed')
captain, chief, excellent thing, (chief) governor, leader, noble, prince, (chief) ruler.
of the house
bayith  (bah'-yith)
a house (in the greatest variation of applications, especially family, etc.)
of God
'elohiym  (el-o-heem')
angels, exceeding, God (gods)(-dess, -ly), (very) great, judges, mighty.