rachats  (raw-khats')
to lave (the whole or a part of a thing) -- bathe (self), wash (self).
you make you clean
zakah  (zaw-kaw')
to be translucent; figuratively, to be innocent -- be (make) clean, cleanse, be clear, count pure.
put away
cuwr  (soor)
to turn off (literal or figurative)
the evil
roa`  (ro'-ah)
badness (as marring), physically or morally -- be so bad, badness, (be so) evil, naughtiness, sadness, sorrow, wickedness.
of your doings
ma`alal  (mah-al-awl')
an act (good or bad) -- doing, endeavour, invention, work.
from before
neged  (neh'-ghed)
a front, i.e. part opposite; specifically a counterpart, or mate; usually (adverbial, especially with preposition) over against or before -- about, (over) against, aloof, far (off), from, over, presence, other side, sight, to view.
mine eyes
`ayin  (ah'-yin)
an eye; by analogy, a fountain (as the eye of the landscape)
chadal  (khaw-dal')
to be flabby, i.e. (by implication) desist; (figuratively) be lacking or idle -- cease, end, fall, forbear, forsake, leave (off), let alone, rest, be unoccupied, want.
to do evil
ra`a`  (raw-ah')
to spoil (literally, by breaking to pieces); figuratively, to make (or be) good for nothing, i.e. bad (physically, socially or morally)