And the strong
chacon  (khaw-sone')
powerful -- strong.
shall be as tow
n`oreth  (neh-o'-reth)
something shaken out, i.e. tow (as the refuse of flax) -- tow.
and the maker
po`al  (po'-al)
an act or work (concretely) -- act, deed, do, getting, maker, work.
of it as a spark
niytsowts  (nee-tsotes')
a spark -- spark.
and they shall both
shnayim  (shen-ah'-yim)
two; also (as ordinal) twofold -- both, couple, double, second, twain, + twelfth, + twelve, + twenty (sixscore) thousand, twice, two.
ba`ar  (baw-ar')
to kindle, i.e. consume (by fire or by eating); also to be(-come) brutish
yachad  (yakh'-ad)
a unit, i.e. (adverb) unitedly -- alike, at all (once), both, likewise, only, (al-)together, withal.
and none shall quench
kabah  (kaw-baw')
to expire or (causatively) to extinguish (fire, light, anger) -- go (put) out, quench.