Is not Calno
Kalneh  (kal-neh')
also Kalnow {kal-no'}; of foreign derivation; Calneh or Calno, a place in the Assyrian empire -- Calneh, Calno.
as Carchemish
Karkmiysh  (kar-kem-eesh')
Karkemish, a place in Syria -- Carchemish.
is not Hamath
Chamath  (kham-awth')
walled; Chamath, a place in Syria -- Hamath, Hemath.
as Arpad
'Arpad  (ar-pawd')
spread out; Arpad, a place in Syria -- Arpad, Arphad.
is not Samaria
Shomrown  (sho-mer-one')
watch-station; Shomeron, a place in Palestine -- Samaria.
as Damascus
Dammeseq  (dam-meh'-sek)
Damascus, a city of Syria -- Damascus.