Therefore with joy
sasown  (saw-sone')
cheerfulness; specifically, welcome -- gladness, joy, mirth, rejoicing.
shall ye draw
sha'ab  (sahw-ab')
to bale up water -- (woman to) draw(-er, water).
mayim  (mah'-yim)
water; figuratively, juice; by euphemism, urine, semen -- + piss, wasting, water(-ing, (-course, -flood, -spring).
out of the wells
ma`yan  (mah-yawn')
a fountain (also collectively), figuratively, a source (of satisfaction) -- fountain, spring, well.
of salvation
yshuw`ah  (yesh-oo'-aw)
something saved, i.e. (abstractly) deliverance; hence, aid, victory, prosperity -- deliverance, health, help(-ing), salvation, save, saving (health), welfare.