And it shall come to pass in the day
yowm  (yome)
a day (as the warm hours),
that the LORD
Yhovah  (yeh-ho-vaw')
(the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God -- Jehovah, the Lord.
shall give thee rest
nuwach  (noo'-akh)
to rest, i.e. settle down; used in a great variety of applications
from thy sorrow
`otseb  (o'-tseb)
an idol (as fashioned); also pain (bodily or mental) -- idol, sorrow, wicked.
and from thy fear
rogez  (ro'-ghez)
commotion, restlessness (of a horse), crash (of thunder), disquiet, anger -- fear, noise, rage, trouble(-ing), wrath.
and from the hard
qasheh  (kaw-sheh')
severe -- churlish, cruel, grievous, hard(-hearted), thing), heavy, + impudent, obstinate, prevailed, rough(-ly), sore, sorrowful, stiff(necked), stubborn, + in trouble.
`abodah  (ab-o-daw')
work of any kind -- act, bondage, + bondservant, effect, labour, ministering(-try), office, service(-ile, -itude), tillage, use, work, wrought.
wherein thou wast made to serve
`abad  (aw-bad')
to work (in any sense); by implication, to serve, till, (causatively) enslave, etc.