And in that day
yowm  (yome)
a day (as the warm hours),
it shall come to pass that the glory
kabowd  (kaw-bode')
weight, but only figuratively in a good sense, splendor or copiousness -- glorious(-ly), glory, honour(-able).
of Jacob
Ya`aqob  (yah-ak-obe')
heel-catcher (i.e. supplanter); Jaakob, the Israelitish patriarch -- Jacob.
shall be made thin
dalal  (daw-lal')
to slacken or be feeble; figuratively, to be oppressed -- bring low, dry up, be emptied, be not equal, fail, be impoverished, be made thin.
and the fatness
mashman  (mash-mawn')
fat, i.e. (literally and abstractly) fatness; but usually (figuratively and concretely) a rich dish, a fertile field, a robust man -- fat (one, -ness, -test, -test place).
of his flesh
basar  (baw-sawr')
flesh (from its freshness); by extension, body, person; also (by euphem.) the pudenda of a man -- body, (fat, lean) flesh(-ed), kin, (man-)kind, + nakedness, self, skin.
shall wax lean
razah  (raw-zaw')
to emaciate, i.e. make (become) thin -- famish, wax lean.