For the bed
matstsa`  (mats-tsaw')
a couch -- bed.
is shorter
qatsar  (kaw-tsar')
to dock off, i.e. curtail (transitive or intransitive, literal or figurative); especially to harvest (grass or grain)
than that a man can stretch
sara`  (saw-rah')
to prolong, i.e. (reflex) be deformed by excess of members -- stretch out self, (have any) superfluous thing.
himself on it and the covering
maccekah  (mas-say-kaw')
a pouring over, i.e. fusion of metal (especially a cast image); by implication, a libation, i.e. league; concretely a coverlet (as if poured out)
tsarar  (tsaw-rar')
to cramp, literally or figuratively
than that he can wrap
kanac  (kaw-nas')
to collect; hence, to enfold -- gather (together), heap up, wrap self.
himself in it