And there shall be a tabernacle
cukkah  (sook-kaw')
a hut or lair -- booth, cottage, covert, pavilion, tabernacle, tent.
for a shadow
tsel  (tsale)
shade, whether literal or figurative -- defence, shade(-ow).
in the daytime
yowmam  (yo-mawm')
daily -- daily, (by, in the) day(-time).
from the heat
choreb  (kho'-reb)
drought or desolation -- desolation, drought, dry, heat, utterly, waste.
and for a place of refuge
machaceh  (makh-as-eh')
a shelter -- hope, (place of) refuge, shelter, trust.
and for a covert
mictowr  (mis-tore')
a refuge -- covert.
from storm
zerem  (zeh'-rem)
a gush of water -- flood, overflowing, shower, storm, tempest.
and from rain
matar  (maw-tawr')
rain -- rain.