Who hath measured
madad  (maw-dad')
by implication, to measure (as if by stretching a line); figuratively, to be extended -- measure, mete, stretch self.
the waters
mayim  (mah'-yim)
water; figuratively, juice; by euphemism, urine, semen -- + piss, wasting, water(-ing, (-course, -flood, -spring).
in the hollow of his hand
sho`al  (sho'-al)
the palm; by extension, a handful -- handful, hollow of the hand.
and meted out
takan  (taw-kan')
to balance, i.e. measure out (by weight or dimension); figuratively, arrange, equalize, through the idea of levelling (ment. estimate, test)
shamayim  (shaw-mah'-yim)
air, astrologer, heaven(-s).
with the span
zereth  (zeh'-reth)
the spread of the fingers, i.e. a span -- span.
and comprehended
kuwl  (kool)
to keep in; hence, to measure; figuratively, to maintain
the dust
`aphar  (aw-fawr')
dust (as powdered or gray); hence, clay, earth, mud -- ashes, dust, earth, ground, morter, powder, rubbish.
of the earth
'erets  (eh'-rets)
the earth (at large, or partitively a land) -- common, country, earth, field, ground, land, natins, way, + wilderness, world.
in a measure
shaliysh  (shaw-leesh')
a triple, i.e. (as a musical instrument) a triangle (or perhaps rather three-stringed lute) also (as an officer) a general of the third rank (upward, i.e. the highest)
and weighed
shaqal  (shaw-kal')
to suspend or poise (especially in trade) -- pay, receive(-r), spend, throughly, weigh.
the mountains
har  (har)
a mountain or range of hills (sometimes used figuratively) -- hill (country), mount(-ain), promotion.
in scales
pelec  (peh'-les)
a balance -- scales, weight.
and the hills
gib`ah  (ghib-aw')
a hillock -- hill, little hill.
in a balance
mo'zen  (mo-zane')
(only in the dual) a pair of scales -- balances.