Every valley
gay'  (gah'-ee)
a gorge (from its lofty sides; hence, narrow, but not a gully or winter-torrent) -- valley.
shall be exalted
nasa'  (naw-saw')
to lift, in a great variety of applications, literal and figurative, absol. and rel. (as follows)
and every mountain
har  (har)
a mountain or range of hills (sometimes used figuratively) -- hill (country), mount(-ain), promotion.
and hill
gib`ah  (ghib-aw')
a hillock -- hill, little hill.
shall be made low
shaphel  (shaw-fale')
to depress or sink (expec. figuratively, to humiliate, intransitive or transitive)
and the crooked
`aqob  (aw-kobe')
in the original sense, a knoll (as swelling up); in the denominative sense (transitive) fraudulent or (intransitive) tracked -- crooked, deceitful, polluted.
shall be made straight
miyshowr  (mee-shore')
equity, even place, plain, right(-eously), (made) straight, uprightness.
and the rough places
rekec  (reh'-kes)
a mountain ridge (as of tied summits) -- rough place.
biq`ah  (bik-aw')
a split, i.e. a wide level valley between mountains -- plain, valley.