O thou afflicted
`aniy  (aw-nee')
depressed, in mind or circumstances -- afflicted, humble, lowly, needy, poor.
tossed with tempest
ca`ar  (saw-ar')
to rush upon; by implication, to toss (transitive or intransitive, literal or figurative)
and not comforted
nacham  (naw-kham')
comfort (self), ease (one's self), repent(-er,-ing, self).
behold I will lay
rabats  (raw-bats')
to crouch (on all four legs folded, like a recumbent animal); be implication, to recline, repose, brood, lurk, imbed
thy stones
'eben  (eh'-ben)
a stone -- + carbuncle, + mason, + plummet, (chalk-, hail-, head-, sling-)stone(-ny), (divers) weight(-s).
with fair colours
puwk  (pook)
dye (specifically, stibium for the eyes) -- fair colours, glistering, paint(-ed) (-ing).
and lay thy foundations
yacad  (yaw-sad')
to set; intensively, to found; reflexively, to sit down together, i.e. settle, consult
with sapphires
cappiyr  (sap-peer')
a gem (perhaps used for scratching other substances), probably the sapphire -- sapphire.