He shall enter
bow'  (bo)
to go or come (in a wide variety of applications)
into peace
shalowm  (shaw-lome')
safe, i.e. (figuratively) well, happy, friendly; also (abstractly) welfare, i.e. health, prosperity, peace
they shall rest
nuwach  (noo'-akh)
to rest, i.e. settle down; used in a great variety of applications
in their beds
mishkab  (mish-kawb')
a bed (figuratively, a bier); abstractly, sleep; by euphemism, carnal intercourse -- bed(-chamber), couch, lieth (lying) with.
each one walking
halak  (haw-lak')
to walk (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively)
in his uprightness
nakoach  (naw-ko'-akh)
straightforward, i.e. (figuratively), equitable, correct, or (abstractly), integrity -- plain, right, uprightness.