For behold the LORD
Yhovah  (yeh-ho-vaw')
(the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God -- Jehovah, the Lord.
will come
bow'  (bo)
to go or come (in a wide variety of applications)
with fire
'esh  (aysh)
fire -- burning, fiery, fire, flaming, hot.
and with his chariots
merkabah  (mer-kaw-baw')
a chariot -- chariot.
like a whirlwind
cuwphah  (soo-faw')
a hurricane -- Red Sea, storm, tempest, whirlwind, Red sea.
to render
shuwb  (shoob)
to turn back (hence, away) transitively or intransitively, literally or figuratively
his anger
'aph  (af)
the nose or nostril; hence, the face, and occasionally a person; also (from the rapid breathing in passion) ire
with fury
chemah  (khay-maw')
heat; figuratively, anger, poison (from its fever) -- anger, bottles, hot displeasure, furious(-ly, -ry), heat, indignation, poison, rage, wrath(-ful).
and his rebuke
g`arah  (gheh-aw-raw')
a chiding -- rebuke(-ing), reproof.
with flames
lahab  (lah'-hab)
a flash; figuratively, a sharply polished blade or point of a weapon -- blade, bright, flame, glittering.
of fire
'esh  (aysh)
fire -- burning, fiery, fire, flaming, hot.