All the kingdom
mamlakuwth  (mam-law-kooth')
kingdom, reign.
of Og
`Owg  (ogue)
round; Og, a king of Bashan -- Og.
in Bashan
Bashan  (baw-shawn')
Bashan (often with the article), a region East of the Jordan -- Bashan.
which reigned
malak  (maw-lak')
to reign; inceptively, to ascend the throne; causatively, to induct into royalty; hence (by implication) to take counsel
in Ashtaroth
`Ashtarowth  (ash-taw-roth')
Ashtaroth, the name of a Sidonian deity, and of a place East of the Jordan -- Asharoth, Astaroth.
and in Edrei
'edre`iy  (ed-reh'-ee)
mighty; Edrei, the name of two places in Palestine -- Edrei.
who remained
sha'ar  (shaw-ar')
to swell up, i.e. be (causatively, make) redundant -- leave, (be) left, let, remain, remnant, reserve, the rest.
of the remnant
yether  (yeh'-ther)
an overhanging, i.e. (by implication) an excess, superiority, remainder; also a small rope (as hanging free)
of the giants
rapha'  (raw-faw')
a giant -- giant, Rapha, Rephaim(-s).
for these did Moses
Mosheh  (mo-sheh')
drawing out (of the water), i.e. rescued; Mosheh, the Israelite lawgiver -- Moses.
nakah  (naw-kaw')
to strike (lightly or severely, literally or figuratively)
and cast them out
yarash  (yaw-rash')
to occupy (by driving out previous tenants, and possessing in their place); by implication, to seize, to rob, to inherit; also to expel, to impoverish, to ruin