And Kirjathaim
Qiryathayim  (keer-yaw-thah'-yim)
double city; Kirjathaim, the name of two placed in Palestine -- Kiriathaim, Kirjathaim.
and Sibmah
Sbam  (seb-awm')
spice; Sebam or Sibmah, a place in Moab -- Shebam, Shibmah, Sibmah.
and Zarethshahar
Tsereth hash-Shachar  (tseh'-reth hash-shakh'-ar)
splendor of the dawn; Tsereth-hash-Shachar, a place in Palestine -- Zareth-shahar.
in the mount
har  (har)
a mountain or range of hills (sometimes used figuratively) -- hill (country), mount(-ain), promotion.
of the valley
`emeq  (ay'-mek)
a vale (i.e. broad depression) -- dale, vale, valley (often used as a part of proper names).