And it went down
yarad  (yaw-rad')
to descend; causatively, to bring down (in all the above applications)
from Janohah
Yanowach  (yaw-no'-akh)
quiet; Janoach or Janochah, a place in Palestine -- Janoah, Janohah.
to Ataroth
`Atarowth  (at-aw-roth')
Ataroth, the name (thus simply) of two places in Palestine -- Ataroth.
and to Naarath
Na`arah  (nah-ar-aw')
Naarah, the name of an Israelitess, and of a place in Palestine -- Naarah, Naarath.
and came
paga`  (paw-gah')
to impinge, by accident or violence, or (figuratively) by importunity
to Jericho
Yriychow  (yer-ee-kho')
its month; fragrant; Jericho or Jerecho, a place in Palestine -- Jericho.
and went out
yatsa'  (yaw-tsaw')
to go (causatively, bring) out, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively, direct and proxim.
at Jordan
Yarden  (yar-dane')
a descender; Jarden, the principal river of Palestine -- Jordan.