They did work
`asah  (aw-saw')
to do or make, in the broadest sense and widest application
`ormah  (or-maw')
trickery; or (in a good sense) discretion -- guile, prudence, subtilty, wilily, wisdom.
and went
yalak  (yaw-lak')
to walk; causatively, to carry (in various senses)
and made as if they had been ambassadors
tsayar  (tsaw-yar')
to make an errand, i.e. betake oneself -- make as if...had been ambassador.
and took
laqach  (law-kakh')
to take (in the widest variety of applications)
baleh  (baw-leh')
worn out -- old.
saq  (sak)
a mesh (as allowing a liquid to run through), i.e. coarse loose cloth or sacking (used in mourning and for bagging); hence, a bag (for grain, etc.) -- sack(-cloth, -clothes).
upon their asses
chamowr  (kham-ore')
a male ass (from its dun red) -- (he)ass.
and wine
yayin  (yah'-yin)
wine (as fermented); by implication, intoxication -- banqueting, wine, wine(-bibber).
no'd  (node)
a (skin or leather) bag (for fluids) -- bottle.
baleh  (baw-leh')
worn out -- old.
and rent
baqa`  (baw-kah')
to cleave; generally, to rend, break, rip or open
and bound up
tsarar  (tsaw-rar')
to cramp, literally or figuratively