And they came
bow'  (bo)
to go or come (in a wide variety of applications)
unto the brook
nachal  (nakh'-al)
a stream, especially a winter torrent; (by implication) a (narrow) valley (in which a brook runs); also a shaft (of a mine) -- brook, flood, river, stream, valley.
of Eshcol
'Eshkol  (esh-kole')
Eshcol, the name of an Amorite, also of a valley in Palestine -- Eshcol.
and cut down
karath  (kaw-rath')
to cut (off, down or asunder); by implication, to destroy or consume; specifically, to covenant
from thence a branch
zmowrah  (zem-o-raw')
a twig (as pruned) -- vine, branch, slip.
with one
'echad  (ekh-awd')
united, i.e. one; or (as an ordinal) first
'eshkowl  (esh-kole')
a bunch of grapes or other fruit -- cluster (of grapes).
of grapes
`enab  (ay-nawb')
a grape -- (ripe) grape, wine.
and they bare
nasa'  (naw-saw')
to lift, in a great variety of applications, literal and figurative, absol. and rel. (as follows)
it between two
shnayim  (shen-ah'-yim)
two; also (as ordinal) twofold -- both, couple, double, second, twain, + twelfth, + twelve, + twenty (sixscore) thousand, twice, two.
upon a staff
mowt  (mote)
a wavering, i.e. fall; by implication, a pole (as shaking); hence, a yoke (as essentially a bent pole) -- bar, be moved, staff, yoke.
and they brought of the pomegranates
rimmown  (rim-mone')
a pomegranate, the tree (from its upright growth) or the fruit (also an artificial ornament) -- pomegranate.
and of the figs
t'en  (teh-ane')
the fig (tree or fruit) -- fig (tree).