And this your heave offering
truwmah  (ter-oo-maw')
a present (as offered up), especially in sacrifice or as tribute -- gift, heave offering (shoulder), oblation, offered(-ing).
shall be reckoned
chashab  (khaw-shab')
to plait or interpenetrate, i.e. (literally) to weave or (gen.) to fabricate; figuratively, to plot or contrive (usually in a malicious sense); hence (from the mental effort) to think, regard, value, compute
unto you as though it were the corn
dagan  (daw-gawn')
increase, i.e. grain -- corn (floor), wheat.
of the threshingfloor
goren  (go'-ren)
a threshing-floor (as made even); by analogy, any open area -- (barn, corn, threshing-)floor, (threshing-, void) place.
and as the fulness
mle'ah  (mel-ay-aw')
something fulfilled, i.e. abundance (of produce) -- (first of ripe) fruit, fulness.
of the winepress
yeqeb  (yeh'-keb)
a trough (as dug out); specifically, a wine-vat (whether the lower one, into which the juice drains; or the upper, in which the grapes are crushed)