For there is a fire
'esh  (aysh)
fire -- burning, fiery, fire, flaming, hot.
gone out
yatsa'  (yaw-tsaw')
to go (causatively, bring) out, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively, direct and proxim.
of Heshbon
Cheshbown  (khesh-bone')
Cheshbon, a place East of the Jordan -- Heshbon.
a flame
lehabah  (leh-aw-baw')
flame(-ming), head (of a spear).
from the city
qiryah  (kir-yaw')
a city -- city.
of Sihon
Ciychown  (see-khone')
tempestuous; Sichon, an Amoritish king -- Sihon.
it hath consumed
'akal  (aw-kal')
to eat -- at all, burn up, consume, devour(-er, up), dine, eat(-er, up), feed (with), food, freely, in...wise(-deed, plenty), (lay) meat, quite.
`Ar  (awr)
a city; Ar, a place in Moab -- Ar.
of Moab
Mow'ab  (mo-awb)
from (her (the mother's) father; Moab, an incestuous son of Lot; also his territory and descendants -- Moab.
and the lords of the high places
Ba`aley Bamowth  (bah-al-ay' baw-moth')
Baals of (the) heights; Baale-Bamoth, a place East of the Jordan -- lords of the high places.
of Arnon
'Arnown  (ar-nohn')
a brawling stream; the Arnon, a river east of the Jordan, also its territory -- Arnon.