And the chief
nasiy'  (naw-see')
an exalted one, i.e. a king or sheik; also a rising mist -- captain, chief, cloud, governor, prince, ruler, vapour.
of the house
bayith  (bah'-yith)
a house (in the greatest variation of applications, especially family, etc.)
of the father
'ab  (awb)
father, in a literal and immediate, or figurative and remote application) -- chief, (fore-)father(-less), patrimony, principal. Compare names in Abi-.
of the Gershonites
Gershunniy  (gay-resh-oon-nee')
a Gereshonite or descendant of Gereshon -- Gershonite, sons of Gershon.
shall be Eliasaph
'Elyacaph  (el-yaw-sawf')
God (is) gatherer; Eljasaph, the name of two Israelites -- Eliasaph.
the son
ben  (bane)
a son (as a builder of the family name), in the widest sense (of literal and figurative relationship, including grandson, subject, nation, quality or condition, etc.
of Lael
La'el  (law-ale')
(belonging) to God; Lael an Israelite -- Lael.