I will hiss
sharaq  (shaw-rak')
to be shrill, i.e. to whistle or hiss (as a call or in scorn) -- hiss.
for them and gather
qabats  (kaw-bats')
to grasp, i.e. collect -- assemble (selves), gather (bring) (together, selves together, up), heap, resort, surely, take up.
them for I have redeemed
padah  (paw-daw')
to sever, i.e. ransom; gener. to release, preserve -- at all, deliver, by any means, ransom, (that are to be, let be) redeem(-ed), rescue, surely.
them and they shall increase
rabah  (raw-baw')
to increase (in whatever respect)
as they have increased
rabah  (raw-baw')
to increase (in whatever respect)